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Rick & Vangie Adkins

Rick and Vangie Adkins have been at High Pointe Community since February 2020, and have loved it ever since. They purchased the new Clayton Anniversary, with the farmhouse flair. With Vangie's style and Rick's handyman skills they have made the perfect addition to the community. They enjoy the views, close to Norris Lake and work, and the quiet community. We are so glad to have you two! 

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Rick & Vangie Congrats on your new Home.

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones bought her previously owned home in March 2020. She loves the Mountain View's and the quiet neighborhood. We are so happy to have Andrea and Patrick. They are so much fun and a great addition to High Pointe Community!


Peggy Nahalka

Peggy and her daughter moved in April 2020 to High Pointe. Peggy was so glad to have found a home with a friendly neighbors, beautiful views, and a staff that responds immediately. Peggy said she feels so safe in the community. We are so glad to have Peggy and her daughter!


Edna Good

They treat me like family and

I love it here!

The manager always puts the residents first at all times!

– Woodhaven resident since

October, 2019

Happy Couple

Doug Bateman, Jr.

I wanted to express my appreciation for all you and your family does for us and our community here at Woodhaven. My family and I have lived here for more than 16 years if memory serves me, and it has been nice to know that the community is being managed in such a way that it allows us to live in peace and security during these trying times. I sleep well at night because of that important fact! We love it here and find that doing business with your family is easy and comfortable. Not many lease holders are good to work with as I’m sure you are aware. This is important to me as nobody needs more stress in their lives these days. You all make this a great place to plant a home for: singles, families (with or without children) and retirees alike. The community seems to blend well and that’s no easy task for you all to create. I especially like the fact that you keep the riffraff out and that you care about our neighborhood’s appearance without being overbearing about it. This is important to me, too. Just so you know, I highly recommend to anyone, that I hear is looking for a place to live, to contact you or Jim and explore the possibility of joining one of your communities. They are a great place to live! Thank you, Jana… please extend my compliments and well wishes to your family. Please be well and be safe. 

Woodhaven, Resident since 2005

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